Marina Ferry Express Schedule

From Sorong to Waisai:

  • Mon – Sun at 9 AM & 2 PM

From Waisai to Sorong:

  • Mon – Su at 9 AM & 2 PM

Marina Express ticket :

  • Executive IDR 130.000;
  • VIP IDR 230.000;

Flights Jakarta to Sorong

 Airline Departure Transit Arrival
Batik Air 3 – 4 times / day
Sriwijaya Air 00:05 AM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 07:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
22:30 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
 Garuda Indonesia 17:15 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
19:15 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar  06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)
21:00 PM Jakarta (CGK) Makassar 06:30 AM Sorong (SOQ)

Flights Sorong to Jakarta

Airline Departure Transit Arrival
 Xpress Air 10:45 AM Sorong (SOQ) Direct 12:55 PM Jakarta (CGK)
 Sriwijaya Air 07:25 AM Sorong (SOQ) Makassar 10:35 AM Jakarta (CGK)
 Garuda Indonesia 14:30 PM Sorong (SOQ) Makassar 19:25 PM Jakarta (CGK)
16:05 PM Sorong (SOQ) Makassar 21:35 PM Jakarta (CGK)

Flights Sorong to Waisai (Raja Ampat)

Airline Departure Arrival
 Susi Air Monday 08:30 AM Monday 09:00 AM
 Friday 08:30 AM Friday 09:00 AM

Flights Waisai (Raja Ampat) to Sorong

Airline Departure  Arrival
Susi Air Monday 09:10 AM Monday 09:40 AM
Friday 10:30 AM  Friday 11:00 AM


Step by Step from Sorong Airport to Doberai Eco Resort

1. Sorong airport – Sorong Harbor

Take airport taxi, 15 minutes from Sorong airport – Sorong harbor The cost is IDR 150.000,- / car / drop. We could arrange the taxi driver; Named Pak Haji, : +6285343661960, or Rahman +6282347888423. Guests could pay directly to the driver upon arrival at Sorong harbour.

2. Sorong Harbor to Waisai (capital city of Raja Ampat)

Take the ferry, 2 hours, from Sorong harbor to Waisai. The ticket is available 2 hours before departure. The ticket is available at the ticket counter at Sorong harbor. Guest should be at the harbor at least 1 hours before departure. For the comfort of your legs, please take the front row seats; no: A1 – A10

3. Waisai harbor to Doberai Eco Resort

Our Speed boat would pick you up at Waisai harbor, and bring you to the resort in 25 minutes.