raja ampat doberai


“I wanna stay for one or two night in Raja Ampat and I wanna see Wayag, Phonemo, Hidden Bay, Kaliraja…….”.

That’s the most common statement or questions from guests who came to Raja Ampat, without getting sufficient info or perception of Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat Doberai Eco Resort experiences almost every month receiving those kind of guests who come to Raja Ampat without doing any sufficient research even from internet. For me as local it is ironic, since most of those typical guests are local tourists.

Before coming to Raja Ampat most of the guests thought that Raja Ampat is just like Bali, where they can easily go everywhere by riding taxi, or simply renting a car or motorcycle or even by just bicycling.

What ……??? How come it is really expensive? That’s the second most common expression after knowing that going to Raja Ampat takes serious effort, physically and financially.

The Reality

Raja Ampat is a municipality under West Papua Province. Raja Ampat itself is actually an archipelago, consisting of 1.500 islands. Out of that, 640 islands are classified as big islands. Since 80% of Raja Ampat area is conservation area, only 20 – 40 islands are inhabitant, and the rest are completely natural and empty. Geografically, Raja Ampat has significantly wide area, since it is spreading from bird’s head of West Papua down to South Ambon. Doberai Eco Resort itself is located in South Waigeo, Raja Ampat.

Gradually, world knows that Raja Ampat is extremely beautiful. But, unfortunately, to see and enjoy Raja Ampat, we have to reach or visit every single dive spots, islands, bays, caves, limestones, animals’ natural habitat, indigenous local villages, primitive handprint as well as cemeteries. And many more others exciting  destinations.

Hence, once again, we, Doberai Eco Resort, strongly suggest you to do sufficient research from varieties sources such as internet, books, or asking friends who have come to Raja Ampat. By doing this, we guarantee that you would be able to minimize unnecessary expenditure, and at the same time maximize your vacation in Raja Ampat.